Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not so "Fatal error: Call to undefined function __()"

I wake up early morning with an athlete's enthusiasm to start my project. I look outside my window at the sky still dark blue. I smile at myself and with a little sense of achievement, I growl (in my mind of course), "Aye! I am up before you Mr. Sun. Hell Yeah!"

Yes, it's uncustomary for me to wake up before dawn. With a heightened excitement, I hit the switch and turn on my laptop, login and cry out a little warcry, "March!"

With that, opens up a terminal I call my "dArKd3ViL's c0n$0l3" (not voice operated if you're wondering :p)

And then type in sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

Shoot out my browser and type in 'localhost'. XAMPP welcomes me royally and loyally. I nod at it's grace and go to visit my another loyal servent, phpmyadmin.

That's when I hit the ground.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bulk adding iradio stations in Rhythmbox

Every time I upgraded my system fresh installing a new Ubuntu release, I had this habit of taking a backup of my config files/folders, like for example..
~/.mozilla for retaining bookmarks, browser preferences and settings, etc
~/.xchat2 for retaining irc logs, autoconnect channel listings, channel settings, etc
Some more like these have really saved me all those hours of reconfiguring some of my software after reinstalling them on my new system.

Now, I never really cared which particular configuration file was used for what as long I ensured backing up and restoring the complete configuration folders. Rhythmbox, which is an awesome music player for GNU/Linux systems, has been my choice of music player since I switched from Windows. Awesome it is and so I had to maintain my config files so that I didn't have to re-rate my favourites, create all my playlists over and over again every time I re-installed it on an upgraded system.

But this one time, while switching from Ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10, I took backup of all my config folders as I do, and as I think I did, I somehow missed out Rhythmbox. So after re-installing, I couldn't find my Rhythmbox backed up files. Re-rating and creating playlists began. After 3 days, I was done, except for one thing.. recovering my list of favourite radio stations that I had added to the default listing Rhythmbox provides.