Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not so "Fatal error: Call to undefined function __()"

I wake up early morning with an athlete's enthusiasm to start my project. I look outside my window at the sky still dark blue. I smile at myself and with a little sense of achievement, I growl (in my mind of course), "Aye! I am up before you Mr. Sun. Hell Yeah!"

Yes, it's uncustomary for me to wake up before dawn. With a heightened excitement, I hit the switch and turn on my laptop, login and cry out a little warcry, "March!"

With that, opens up a terminal I call my "dArKd3ViL's c0n$0l3" (not voice operated if you're wondering :p)

And then type in sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

Shoot out my browser and type in 'localhost'. XAMPP welcomes me royally and loyally. I nod at it's grace and go to visit my another loyal servent, phpmyadmin.

That's when I hit the ground.

"What the fuck is this?"
Oh ok, 1st instinct told me to correct the function syntax on the specified line in the file mentioned. I did it as root to not trifle with permissions. I did ponder with my chin resting on my hand and my finger on lip, "how the hell can the syntax change by itself?"

When I couldn't think of an apt answer, I saved the change and restarted xampp/lampp whatever you wanna call it.

This time phpmyadmin curses with:

"Thou shalt burn in hell for not obeying thy master's orders!", I was furious.
Then I looked closely at my terminal. I had been ignoring the messages lampp was displaying on starting lampp; I looked closely:

MySQL was not getting started!
Next, I chmoded /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf to 755 after looking at the warning and thinking this is probably why I am stuck and the Sun who was already up then was laughing at me.

So I again restarted and yet again the same dreadful sight of

Wrong permissions, wrong permissions!!!
The answer was in front of me and in my angst I hadn't noticed it.
'wrong permissions on configuration file'

Since phpmyadmin had the problem, I suspected the config file of phpmyadmin is what I needed to fiddle with in the 1st place.

So I chmoded /opt/lampp/phpmyadmin/ to 755 and made it "not world writable"

Restarted xampp/lampp, visited the fucker phpmyadmin and it did bow down loyally this time.

Reply in the comment section below if you had a similar problem with phpmyadmin or what you think about this blog.

Cheers! :)

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