Saturday, January 12, 2013

openDNS gibberish

My Firefox is configured to pull in the most relevant result page and dump it off on my monitor whenever I type in a query. Say, for example, when I type in an error message I get from my project development in the address bar and hit enter, I am automatically taken to a relevant site/forum that addresses my problem, like This has been an extremely convenient tool for me over the past few years. You can configure your Firefox too; details here.

So, it became an essence of my daily interaction with the www, as it enhanced my experience with it.

You start realizing the true power of something you had once it leaves you, much like a broken stereo headset with one deaf ear. This simple, yet powerful tool,  became that something  for me. One fine day, I opened up my browser and typed in 'gmail' and hit enter with an impact that could be heard over the next room (yeah, I am a bit rough on my Enter key. And I am sure majority of you are too)

So anyways, instead of the usual gmail, I am greeted with this;

What the hell is this?