Saturday, May 16, 2015


You know, you're all the more fuelled if you just climb the remaining four stories instead of taking the elevator to the terrace.

It begins with Shankar Mahadevan singing 'Kya Karoon, haule haule jo mera dil gaa raha hai' on my headphones while I'm on my way up. As always, I am welcomed by the deserted roof, by which I mean unmanned roof. Plenty of flight-gifted creatures in sight though. It's late dawn, early morning. The sun is up, but not out yet. It seems dark clouds have a thing for this city. They were there, moving along their fluffy, cloudy queue. I wonder where do they all go? Where does this queue end? Or perhaps, begin?

Shankar Mahadevan, yet again, this time with 'Der lagi lekin, maine ab hai jeena seekh liya'. The fresh cool morning air, just about the perfect ingredient that keeps you alive; and the song complements it. As I casually walk around, taking long breaths, inhaling to my full potential, the moment decides to notch the tempo up. You know, there are certain songs that just are too good of a listen at a particular time.. be it any time of the day, season or emotion. I've always enjoyed listening to Linkin Park during monsoon or at cold dawns, when it's still dark and you wish it'd drizzle a bit, if not pour down. 'Easier to run' is what plays. And then there are songs which you casually listen to but never paid heed to the lyrics. 'Kinare' from the movie 'Queen' was one of those for me. The lyrics are truly beautiful! Apart from the music of course. Motivation kicks in, followed by instrumentals from Mozart, Bach, X Japan; heck, even the Udaan theme.

The thing about instrumentals is, they don't have lyrics in them. Why do people think classical music is complex and elevating at the same time? Complex, because they don't feed you with words, much like newborn babies' experience when they can't seem to comprehend in the first few moments of their life as an earthling. You don't grasp any singular idea of the song, because they don't explicitly throw at you any. What they do, however, is poke your brain to think on your own. And this happens subconsciously. This gives one an elevated feeling. Because the thinking is initiated. And this thinking is pure, self woven, self thought. Your chain of thoughts just falls in sync with the notes, the beats. And somehow, blame it on human design, you almost always wish the song lasted longer, only because you've not reached a logical conclusion to your chain of thoughts yet.

After my instrumental appetite, I was greeted by 'Cynic' with their song 'Evolutionary Sleeper', the icing on the cake. A sharp transition from songs with no words to songs which have words with meaning so deep, you start questioning cosmos. By then, the sun was partially visible through the blanket of clouds, but yet very dim. It was as if it was playing hide and seek. Just a silhouette of it, rays pretty mild. 'King of those who know' was the cherry on top, again by 'Cynic'. I pause my treading and lean back against wall, eyes closed, breathing, listening, feeling. Even with eyes closed, you know how much light you're surrounded with. The sun eventually greeted. Eyes felt warm and light filling in. I open them; the song, my thoughts find an appropriate end; and my day - a lovely beginning.