Saturday, August 18, 2018


Image: Pixabay

Little, elaborate, vivid
Segmented by bits of pauses
Our train of thoughts swoosh
Separated by gawking silences

Frivolous, thoughtful, thoughtless
We gaze at each other's psyche
I see you as you are
I am, as you see me

Memories fail at history
I listen to you, yet
With all my intent

When consciousness eludes
And sleep creeps in
The words lose the social construct
What remains, is a singular thought
Unhinged, untamed, naked
The incomprehensible sentences
And the contemplative dialogues
I long for us to share
Conversations, of all sorts.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Welcome Little Earthling


Welcome little earthling,
Welcome home.
We've just baby-proofed your dwelling;
You've arrived just in time.

Let's start with something fun,
How about a little presentation?
Don't worry little one,
It's just a part of your naturalization.

Observe your brothers and sisters;
That is how you duck
When you hear the bangs,
Else you're just outta luck.

Oh, and by the way,
You're gonna be popular soon.
Because you're gifted
With an extra X chromosome.

Ugly hands would find their way;
That they always do.
But don't you sweat dear,
We're all here for you.

Well, for some time though.
Amnesiacs, you see, we all are
Ah! We forget in a few days.
No, no, we've not lowered any bar

A color, one you like the least,
You'll have to choose.
And decide from your palette,
That you'd want to lose.

Smile, little one,
Give your best pose.
Portray your best self;
Filter those flaws.

When authenticity departs
And adulteration is the norm,
You gotta find that sweet angle
That highlights your form.

While your siblings cry,
You cry for a while too
Just to make them feel better;
The phone is where you go back to.

Tolerance? You don't need
To know the meaning.
You're the center of the universe
With stars around revolving.

Don't mind the futility
Of our global discussions.
We're occupied pointing fingers
And tap dancing our thumbs

So, welcome!
Get habituated, little one
For this is your home
Here's your phone, and a gun.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Don't have to;
These words don't have to
Convey anything, no feeling,
No emotion, no story.
There's no telling
When the boat of thought
Would stop sailing
On the stream of conscious awakening,
And currents of subconscious sleeping.
Row as you may, as you wish,
Or not; don't have to;
The rowing don't have to stop,
Or even continue, for that matter.
Let go of the faux clench,
And let the moment own the moment

Sunday, May 6, 2018


A piece of melody, so familiar
Goes round and round,
Stuck in a loop
Once lost, still not found.
The words escape the mind;
What remains, is just the sound.

This yearning to fill
The silence of void
With wordless notes,
Is so wickedly enjoyed
By the forgetful mind
That is truly self-annoyed.

In the hope the song returns,
One can’t think of anything else.
It’s anything but enticing-
This anticipation that dwells
In the heart of seductive
Remnants of incoherence.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


On the other side of the door
Lies wonder, wonder I;
Or lies truth, expunging the eternal lie,
Of existential reality
That exploded from singularity
And expanded into this vast cosmos
Of ever increasing entropy.
Dim and decelerate,
Eons shall subjugate
The textures of dimensions
And the apparent unwavering intentions;
As the collapse ensues,
Imploding back to singularity
Full circle.

Friday, April 13, 2018


Like tapestry,
A fabric, woven in time,
Wraps me with warmth
When I have you in my mind.

The rain rejuvenates,
The chirping of the birds elates;
Perhaps, augments this state-

Of surreal feeling,
This inscrutable feeling
Wonder I, what I’d say?
If you were here to stay

Would the spoken silence be heard?
And so would the unspoken words?
As we’d share this rain,
And this chirping of the birds

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Let Us Walk to Infinity

Let us walk to infinity
Hand in hand, along the serenity
Of this beach we call life.
And experience every shade of it, while
The trails of our footprints
Have been dancing on and off,
But never less than a set of
Two, one me and one you.
Let us walk to infinity;
You and I, as I dream
Of spending my life with you
And as I hope, you dream too.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Dust to Dust

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Guarded by an iron door,
The king sits on his throne;
Without a care in the world,
Couldn't have asked for more

When the wars were waged,
He sought a shred of symphony
Amidst the sorrow, loss and despair
And all the ugly cacophony.

Green fields turned red,
And then, from red to black.
The inexorable putrefaction
Never did bring anyone back.

A moment of clarity, when dawned
The king stepped off his throne;
Repenting the lives he had taken
If only sooner had he known-

Strolling through the cosmos,
We're but a mere speck of dust.
This pale blue dot we reside on,
Has been kind and harsh, but always just.

The long lullaby of life,
Would bring everyone to sleep;
And the universe shall go on
With just memories to keep.

In the grand scheme of things,
All the wars are futile;
And the unfathomable time shall reduce
The kingdoms to rubble, and pile.
Inspired by Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot"

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Metaphors, what would one do
Without you?

A perfect cloak,
To cover up the smoke
From the fire of insecurities,
And emotions of infinite intensities.

The mind knows, how messed up it is.
Add the heart to the equation;
And lo behold,
We have chaos theory in action.

The inner conflicts
Dread outer discovery.
You're there, like a poem, to help one
Not fall down the path of insanity.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


The hues come by,
As captured by the eye.
Reflected on the ocean blue
So dark, the horizon demarcates the view
Of the blues and the elements.
A distant light shimmers,
Seducing the vessel playing
To whims of the mighty waves waving.
Gusts of wind, however,
Have a different plan altogether.
As the carrier sways playfully
Back and forth to the rhythm
Of nature, amidst the disharmony,
The focus returns to the light.
Solace, it seeks foremost;
Before sailing back in the hues again,
Before departing off the coast.

Friday, March 9, 2018


Oh, the bandwagon is here
Get on board before it leaves
It's okay, it is safe;
We're all hunters here.

And you can be one of us
Oh, you ought to be one of us
Because it isn't safe out there.
There, they lack caliber
Which we got loads
Which keeps us off danger

So, come board the bandwagon
The problem with the world is not us.
We're all hunters here
The problem with the world is that it is not us.

Oh, but mind is such a whimsical organ
You see, a finger twitches
And the fantasy satiates.
I'm sorry, did I hurt you?
Told ya, it isn't safe out there
Told ya, you ought to be one of us

You're safe here.
We fulfill our fantasies, so can you.
Just one question though..
You aren't insane, are you?

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Swaying to the occasional breeze,
The supple movements of the sign old
Squeak, as the rusty hinges fold and unfold.
And mark its presence
On a quiet Saturday afternoon.
The coffee shop has seen better times,
When the bell on the door chimes
Almost always bustling with people
Craving for that much needed vigor.
But on a day such as this,
When the sun is hard to miss.
And it blankets the town to the brick
With its sultry, golden fabric.
The town takes a nap,
Like a child snoozing on a mother's lap.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Image: Pixabay

Label, a human conception
Originates from the urge of belonging
And stays deep rooted to the point
The human becomes the label itself,
And forgets its true form.

A finger pointing at the moon
Is always a finger, never the moon.

You despise me, because I'm some label
Does it matter, what label am I?
If I love you, because you're some label
Therefore, I love you, the label,
I do not love you, the human.

This facade that we live with
Is a wildly primordial farce.
Stripped off our tags and our names,
We're manufactured but the same.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Banana Peel

Image: Pixabay

A banana peel,
Traveling ticketless in a bus
Occupies this seat
Attracts scathing eyes
Of fellow passengers.

Tough crowd, tough indeed
Dejects this rejected seal
Although a human it did feed.
Never hurt anybody,
Poor banana peel

Life's too brief
For a peel such as this
Especially when it transits
Noticeably unnoticed.

Friday, January 26, 2018

A morning, unusually chilling
A cup of hot tea, steaming
Kept by the window
A bit too early to sip on

The water is liberated
As it leaves the cup vaporized
Fogs the glass pane
Fogs the view of the fog outside

The clouds are darker today
But what do I know?
The world outside is blurry
So exhilaratingly murky

A gentle swipe cleans off the resting moisture
The world outside, hauntingly forsaken
The trees are naked
The ground is leaf-laden

Each leaf, rusty brown
Every tree, as if missing its crown
The fog clears like the vapors off the cup
And the universe is awakened by a loud slurp

Friday, January 19, 2018

Ode to an Old, Fat Friend

It's been a long time, most of my life, actually,
We've been together
I despised the fact how fat you were
And how you hated my nose
But over these years,
We did grow comfortable of each other

You've successfully scared people away from me,
But also attracted a lot of bullies
At times you'd take a bullet for me,
And I'd joke about you being bulletproof
Because of the fact how fat you were.

Well, I do have a lot of things to blame you for
And a lot more to be grateful for
You're why I am what I am-
An outcast, an introvert, a daydreamer
You're the reason why I am what I am-
A word junkie, a thinker, a rhymer

Despite all of that, I could count on you
You do bring out the minuscule details around me
Really make me appreciate the little things
Enable me to look at things more critically,
And just make them ostensibly clearer

When we see eye to eye,
The world is more than just glances
Because I see through you-
My fat, unattractive glasses

Friday, January 12, 2018


image credits:
Absolute, so absolutely absurd
An entity's identifiable existence
Is derived from being anything but

There is no white without black
There is no black without white

A day is a day
Because there's a night.
Thank the feeble and the weak
For without them,
There is no existence of might.

You are you, because I am me
If I were you, while you were you,
Would there really be 'you'?

The only kind of absolute
Is the one residing in relativity.
Thank the striking juxtaposition
For without it,
There is no identity.