Friday, January 26, 2018

A morning, unusually chilling
A cup of hot tea, steaming
Kept by the window
A bit too early to sip on

The water is liberated
As it leaves the cup vaporized
Fogs the glass pane
Fogs the view of the fog outside

The clouds are darker today
But what do I know?
The world outside is blurry
So exhilaratingly murky

A gentle swipe cleans off the resting moisture
The world outside, hauntingly forsaken
The trees are naked
The ground is leaf-laden

Each leaf, rusty brown
Every tree, as if missing its crown
The fog clears like the vapors off the cup
And the universe is awakened by a loud slurp

Friday, January 19, 2018

Ode to an Old, Fat Friend

It's been a long time, most of my life, actually,
We've been together
I despised the fact how fat you were
And how you hated my nose
But over these years,
We did grow comfortable of each other

You've successfully scared people away from me,
But also attracted a lot of bullies
At times you'd take a bullet for me,
And I'd joke about you being bulletproof
Because of the fact how fat you were.

Well, I do have a lot of things to blame you for
And a lot more to be grateful for
You're why I am what I am-
An outcast, an introvert, a daydreamer
You're the reason why I am what I am-
A word junkie, a thinker, a rhymer

Despite all of that, I could count on you
You do bring out the minuscule details around me
Really make me appreciate the little things
Enable me to look at things more critically,
And just make them ostensibly clearer

When we see eye to eye,
The world is more than just glances
Because I see through you-
My fat, unattractive glasses

Friday, January 12, 2018


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Absolute, so absolutely absurd
An entity's identifiable existence
Is derived from being anything but

There is no white without black
There is no black without white

A day is a day
Because there's a night.
Thank the feeble and the weak
For without them,
There is no existence of might.

You are you, because I am me
If I were you, while you were you,
Would there really be 'you'?

The only kind of absolute
Is the one residing in relativity.
Thank the striking juxtaposition
For without it,
There is no identity.