Sunday, March 25, 2018


Metaphors, what would one do
Without you?

A perfect cloak,
To cover up the smoke
From the fire of insecurities,
And emotions of infinite intensities.

The mind knows, how messed up it is.
Add the heart to the equation;
And lo behold,
We have chaos theory in action.

The inner conflicts
Dread outer discovery.
You're there, like a poem, to help one
Not fall down the path of insanity.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


The hues come by,
As captured by the eye.
Reflected on the ocean blue
So dark, the horizon demarcates the view
Of the blues and the elements.
A distant light shimmers,
Seducing the vessel playing
To whims of the mighty waves waving.
Gusts of wind, however,
Have a different plan altogether.
As the carrier sways playfully
Back and forth to the rhythm
Of nature, amidst the disharmony,
The focus returns to the light.
Solace, it seeks foremost;
Before sailing back in the hues again,
Before departing off the coast.

Friday, March 9, 2018


Oh, the bandwagon is here
Get on board before it leaves
It's okay, it is safe;
We're all hunters here.

And you can be one of us
Oh, you ought to be one of us
Because it isn't safe out there.
There, they lack caliber
Which we got loads
Which keeps us off danger

So, come board the bandwagon
The problem with the world is not us.
We're all hunters here
The problem with the world is that it is not us.

Oh, but mind is such a whimsical organ
You see, a finger twitches
And the fantasy satiates.
I'm sorry, did I hurt you?
Told ya, it isn't safe out there
Told ya, you ought to be one of us

You're safe here.
We fulfill our fantasies, so can you.
Just one question though..
You aren't insane, are you?