Sunday, June 24, 2018

Welcome Little Earthling


Welcome little earthling,
Welcome home.
We've just baby-proofed your dwelling;
You've arrived just in time.

Let's start with something fun,
How about a little presentation?
Don't worry little one,
It's just a part of your naturalization.

Observe your brothers and sisters;
That is how you duck
When you hear the bangs,
Else you're just outta luck.

Oh, and by the way,
You're gonna be popular soon.
Because you're gifted
With an extra X chromosome.

Ugly hands would find their way;
That they always do.
But don't you sweat dear,
We're all here for you.

Well, for some time though.
Amnesiacs, you see, we all are
Ah! We forget in a few days.
No, no, we've not lowered any bar

A color, one you like the least,
You'll have to choose.
And decide from your palette,
That you'd want to lose.

Smile, little one,
Give your best pose.
Portray your best self;
Filter those flaws.

When authenticity departs
And adulteration is the norm,
You gotta find that sweet angle
That highlights your form.

While your siblings cry,
You cry for a while too
Just to make them feel better;
The phone is where you go back to.

Tolerance? You don't need
To know the meaning.
You're the center of the universe
With stars around revolving.

Don't mind the futility
Of our global discussions.
We're occupied pointing fingers
And tap dancing our thumbs

So, welcome!
Get habituated, little one
For this is your home
Here's your phone, and a gun.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Don't have to;
These words don't have to
Convey anything, no feeling,
No emotion, no story.
There's no telling
When the boat of thought
Would stop sailing
On the stream of conscious awakening,
And currents of subconscious sleeping.
Row as you may, as you wish,
Or not; don't have to;
The rowing don't have to stop,
Or even continue, for that matter.
Let go of the faux clench,
And let the moment own the moment